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Have you ever experienced frustration with your I.T. solutions and thought there has to be a better way?

We can help you find 'the better way'.

Just In Time! Solutions | IT Consulting

In working on a weekly back-end employee update process, Juli streamlined the input by working directly with the data entry teams, reducing the overall process time by several days.  She identified and corrected gaps, where notifications and data were not being received by key individual and groups, enabling downstream processes to be run without delays.

Also, while Juli was working on a smaller project, she revamped an important company paid holiday lookup tool, completely redesigning it, providing an easy to use and understand visual calendar with accompanying importable .ics files for each set of available holidays at all our global offices.  By working with the groups responsible for providing the official holiday information she was able to reduce the turnaround time for making the holiday information available from as much as 6 months into the new year to no later than the end of January of the new year, a 5-month reduction.


~Randy H., ARRIS Group~     

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